Web & Email Hosting

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Most of the websites we host here at Innovative Systems are those of our tech services & development clients. We also offer a number of hosting plans to host clients that do not fall into these two categories.

Moving an existing site

Starting at $250

Icon Image for Moving an Exhisting SiteAre you unsatisfied with your current hosting provider? If so, we can set you up with a hosting plan and move your current site – as well as any relevant data – over to our servers for you.

Standard Hosting Services

Starting at $9.95 monthly fee

Icon Image for Moving an Exhisting SiteIf you have assembled a team to design your website – and simply need a place to park it – please feel free to contact us. We will evaluate your site and set you up with the best plan for what you need.

Pre-Packaged Website and Hosting

Starting at $250 one-time setup & $19.95 monthly fee

Icon Image for Moving an Exhisting SiteIf you do not need custom design work done and want to get a site rolled out as quickly as possible, we can set you up with a pre-packaged website using the open source content management system DotNetNuke ®. Our people are well versed in the intricacies of DNN and can get your site set up lickity split.

DNN provides functionality for hosting interactive features and content such as discussion forums, photo galleries, and blogs, as well as a user friendly interface that allows for you to update the content of your site in a pain free environment.

Web Design

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We are not a web design firm. For the clients who do need design work, we have a close working relationship with this fella. Charlie is a freelance web designer who lives up the street. He has worked with us on a number of clients needing design work done.